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Unlock your Potential: Leadership Style Power™ 

9+ years as an entrepreneur working across industries and engaging with men and women of all levels of experience has given me a unique perspective and skill set. That perspective and skill set is my secret sauce.

One thing know for sure? Every one of us has a secret sauce. 

Mine is identifying potential. In employees, clients, ideas, opportunities ... which is why I love using my secret sauce to help YOU find yours. I see your potential and I help you unlock it -- whether it's a business idea, a career path, a next step -- I shift you to think differently about what's possible.

So, while Leadership Style Power™ is about how you show up as a leader and it does include your literal presence (what you wear), it's more about the esoteric elements of showing up as a leader.

If you feel like it's time to get out of your own way and unlock your potential, I invite you to dig into the Leadership Style Power™ conversation starter. The 5 Key Q's I ask around the 5 C's will get you to think differently now:

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"I realized it wasn't the power of the dress, but what power the dress allowed me to access." - Catherine Cassidy

How do you show up as a leader? Aside from how others perceive you, it is how you perceive yourself. It's not just what you say, but how you say it. It's not just about results, but how you create buy-in and bring others into your vision for success. It's every point of communication. Leadership Style Power™ is a completely comprehensive approach to how you show up as leader. My training in business started young with dinnertime lectures on leadership, teamwork and success. My career has since had me behind the scenes at Fashion Week, collaborating with C-suite executives on the strategy for the brand, consulting high level professional women on their presence and style, and growing a business from a side hustle to a successful nationally known business. And, because growth is outside of your comfort zone, I do believe in the power of a dress (or suit) to get you through those first few minutes of an intimidating situation while owning your presence.

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