How do you show up as a Leader? 

Leadership Style Power™ takes you from Courage (raising your hand) to CONFIDENCE (owning your power + presence as a leader).

Ultimately, it helps you create more success because of how you show up. People take notice. You'll grow your business, get the promotion, land the new job ... etc.

Unlike other approaches to cultivating presence, Leadership Style Power™ does give you the tools to find your style as a leader -- in both the literal and figurative sense.

Why does Style matter? Because we live in a world where what you wear matters. But, most importantly, it matters to YOU


Aside from how others perceive you, it is how you perceive yourself. 

While cultivating true inner confidence takes time (constantly overcoming adversity, self-awareness and introspection, etc.), Leadership Style Power™  can give you (or your team) an instant catalyst in confidence.

This doesn’t mean you get to leap over the other elements of cultivating confidence, but it does mean that you can take that next step make it a bit easier for yourself to feel confident NOW. And then, take that next step forward (and UP) to evolve your career and leadership.

Plus, having a deep inner knowing of your self, your style and your presence is what actually makes it easy to 'throw it on and go' each morning, to know what you want to add to your wardrobe and where you might find it.

Discover your Leadership Style Power™  via my speaking, workshops and podcast. You can even get started with the blog as a resource!

About Catherine

"I realized it wasn't the power of the dress, but what power the dress allowed me to access." - Catherine Cassidy

Why does Style matter? I believe your style is an evolution, as you evolve and grow to meet the changes in your career's trajectory, so must your style evolve. After working for 7 years in various fields of business and fashion, I gained a unique perspective on what it means to show up as a leader. I realized in my own journey that your style is an outward reflection of your inner self. It's worth asking yourself "Who am I? How do I want to show up?" Those 7 years coupled with the 9 I spent working with professional women to define their style are what lead me to this work with Leadership Style Power.™

A journey in style + business >

Leadership. Style. Power.

This isn't 'Dress for Success' like you saw in the 80's or 90's. This is finding your authentic style so you can own your power, confidence and presence ... to show up as the leader that you already are. You connect to the WHY, WHAT and WHO before we dig into the HOW of defining your style. 


Catherine gives women tools to enhance their existing style so they feel armed with even more confidence.

When I think of Catherine Cassidy, the words style and power both come to mind. Catherine has a deep background in the fashion industry and a presentation style that makes it easy to like her. While many “style experts” leave women feeling as if there is something wrong with them, Catherine gives women tools to enhance their existing style so they feel armed with even more confidence. Catherine speaks about being an empowered woman and using style to convey personal confidence in a way that is individualized, feminist, and uplifting.  Catherine has spoken to the young women who Running Start trains to run for political office. She is always such a hit! When our young women walk out of a session with Catherine, they hold their heads higher and prouder.

> Melissa Richmond, Vice President of Running Start

Every woman left glowing, feeling more comfortable in their skin and with a clearer idea of how to dress for both her body and her essence.

I asked Catherine to do a workshop at a healing retreat for women experiencing grief. Dealing with loss can make us seem like a stranger to ourselves when we look in the mirror and I wanted to give these women a chance to see how their inner beauty could shine with a little help. The attendees loved working with her. Each of them left glowing, feeling more comfortable in their skin and with a clearer idea of how to dress both for her body and her essence. It was a fantastic way to make concrete the amazing healing and growth that had already taken place.

> Alana Shereen