Leadership. Style. Power.

Growing up with dinnertime lectures on leadership, it’s not a surprise I’m here to lecture you on leadership. I kid. Kind of. I don’t want to lecture, but I do want to lead you to unlock your potential.

The is no one size fits all to business, leadership, style, success. Anything.

But really, who am I to lead you to unlocking your potential and why am I so passionate that it’s personal, to you?

Maybe it’s in my DNA, maybe it was the leadership lectures at dinner, maybe it was the Fortune magazines my father would leave out for me knowing that I’d read anything I could put my hands on, but by high school I knew medical school was out and I wanted to study business. (OK, that also had to do with AP Chem.)

Since leaving my cozy suburb of Chicago for sunny LA and USC, I’ve had some incredible work opportunities.

My first job out of college was with Robinsons May during their merger with Federated (now Macy’s Inc). I took it because it was an incredible opportunity to experience a LIVE change management case study (business nerd that I am!) and a foot in the door to the Fashion Industry.

This experience led to my opportunity at BCBG. Being a founding member of the merchandising team for a top contemporary designer meant that not only did I have to act as a liaison between buying and design, balancing creative ideas with analytical thinking for a cohesive strategy for successfully growing the brand, but I also had to get these two sides to buy into merchandising as a concept and as a team. This was another real-life change management case study, but I got to be the leader of the team. The learning curve was steep and thrilling.

I gave my life to that job for 2.5 years until I was ready for the next challenge: starting and growing a business.

Growing Ustyled from a side hustle to a successful business with clients across the country has been one of the most rewarding opportunities for personal and professional development. Testing and tweaking messaging to communicate the value of a service, honing in on the value proposition and doing the market research to see if there is actually a market for a product, mastering the art of the pivot when it’s clear something is working, but just not quite right.

Which brings me back to Leadership Style Power.

A big part of growing a business is making sure you’re communicating the value proposition and the results of the product or service effectively. So, you’re constantly looking at the results.

Consistently, the results Ustyled clients would get had nothing to do with their clothes. Their clothes were just a catalyst for confidence. (Though, we also made it much easier for our clients to find the right clothes for their life, style, career, etc.) The confidence is what created incredible opportunities — every client experienced more success in their life and career after working with Ustyled.

What got me jazzed for sales? Not the process of business development, but the knowing that when an ideal client says YES, that’s when the transformation starts.

Leadership Style Power takes my experience in strategy, operations, sales, marketing and style to create a powerful platform for each member of your group to unlock his/her potential.

Leadership Style Power is how we ensure that the best people are rising up as leaders. How do we do that? Make sure that they're engaged and empowered to see themselves as leaders, to ID what it is that drives them and to have a seat at the table, if that's what they want.

I've built my platform working with and speaking to women because studies have shown that the confidence gap is greater for women. And I LOVE that lightbulb moment when a woman sees her full potential. But confidence and leadership is not specific to a gender, a socio-economic class or education level. It's universal.

So, is it time to unlock your potential?

Start with the Conversation starter (above) or some of the books (below). Reach out to find a time to talk about your personal goals and/or your organizations goals. And please, be sure to keep me posted!

Can't wait to see the places you'll go!



PS. I've always been an avid reader. I share this list of books that have made the biggest impact on my life.

The Giver || The Alchemist || The Giving Tree || The Power of Intention || Return to Love || Good to Great || Built to Last


Professional Bio:

With over 15 years of experience in the Fashion Industry and an undergraduate business degree from the University of Southern California, Catherine Cassidy has a unique blend of business, operations, sales, merchandising and personal styling experience. Formerly with Nordstrom, Robinsons May and BCBG, her 9 years of experience (2008-2017) growing Ustyled, a style company serving professional women, has made her a sought-after speaker on leadership, style, success and entrepreneurship, with feature stories in  the Washington PostToday.com and SheKnows Media. With Leadership Style Power™, Catherine  focuses on research, writing and workshops. Catherine has been published in the anthologies Smart Women Know their WHY and Give Yourself Permission and is currently writing her first book on Leadership Style Power. Catherine resides in Washington, D.C. and works with clients and companies across the United States and abroad. Developing your sense of leadership style begins with seeing and knowing yourself as a leader, and creating your own authentic style and brand.