I love the above quote from Mainbocher because it is the essence of WHY I do this work with Leadership Style Power.

It may look all bright and shiny on the outside (because I walk my talk with Leadership Style Power), but I’m just like you.

Growing up, I used my style as my armor. As a shy new girl moving from a suburb of Detroit to a suburb of Chicago, I desperately wanted to fit in. Heading to the University of Southern California not knowing a soul, I wanted to be cool. As a young woman starting out my career, I wanted to be taken seriously. As a Corporate Fashion Merchandiser, I felt the pressure to be trendy.

Ultimately, in spite of all of these experiences and my worry of what other’s thought of me, I found my own way and my own style.

The reason why I was able to find my OWN way in spite of years of trying to fit in is that I was always very aware of myself and my particular preferences. My mom stopped trying to dress me in Kindergarten. By 6th grade, she gave me a clothing allowance to scrupulously choose my own 'Wardrobe Updates' so she didn't have to bother with my pickiness.

My life experiences, my lifestyle, my career and my passions have influenced my style. I still have a bit of my Midwest Prep (though, I don’t wear polo shirts unless I’m actually golfing!) and California Ease, but there’s always been a bit more Classic Cool undertone that probably comes from my love of all things French that I’ve been able to embrace since my tenure on the East Coast.

Like you, I have many sides and many layers; many influences that define MY style.

Leaving BCBG to start Ustyled was one of the hardest decisions of my life. I was living the life a lot of people envied (or so they thought). Being a merchandiser at BCBG was a coveted job. But as the years passed (and it’s only in looking back that I realize actually how short a tenure it was!), I found myself incessantly asking the question: What am I doing and WHY?

Ultimately, over many loooong hikes in LA’s Griffith Park, the question came up:  ‘How do I make it easier for busy, professional women to get out the door feeling good?’

Which is why what drives me is YOU, hence the name of my first business, Ustyled.

Over time the question evolved into: “How do we see more women rising up as leaders?”

I believe that’s what brought me to D.C. -- my passion for Leadership. (This could come from having a CEO father who favored dinnertime lectures on leadership, teamwork, business, etc.!)

It’s not even so much about women as leaders, but an equal playing field to ensure that the right people rise up as leaders -- those who are truly best for the job at hand. To do that, we have to ensure ALL the hands are raised!

So this is how we get to Leadership Style Power and the most recent question I’ve been asking myself: “How do I ensure that we have everyone at the table, raising their hand?”

What does it come down to? CONFIDENCE.

You must BELIEVE that you can do it. You must be willing to take the risk. And what empowers you to take that risk to stand up and raise your hand? Your WHY.

Which is my WHY. To move you through Leadership Style Power from your WHY to WHO and ultimately HOW to stand in your power as a leader.

Are you ready to take the first step?

I'm here to guide you through via workshops, my podcast and the blog.

Can't wait to see the places you'll go!



PS. I've always been an avid reader. Growing up painfully shy, books were my escape. As I've grown older, I've found them the best way to find inspiration and insights. I share this list of books that have made the biggest impact on my life.

The Giver

The Alchemist

The Giving Tree

The Power of Intention

Return to Love

Good to Great

Built to Last


Professional Bio:

With over 15 years of experience in the Fashion Industry and an undergraduate business degree from the University of Southern California, Catherine Cassidy has a unique blend of business, operations, sales, merchandising and personal styling experience. Her corporate experience is with Nordstrom, Robinsons May and BCBG. Growing Ustyled, a style company serving professional women, from 2008-2017 has made Catherine a sought after speaker on the topics of leadership, style, success and entrepreneurship. Catherine has been featured in the Washington PostToday.com and SheKnows Media. With Leadership Style Power™, Catherine  focuses on research, writing and workshops. Catherine has been published in the anthologies Smart Women Know their WHY and Give Yourself Permission and is currently writing her first book on Leadership Style Power. Catherine resides in Washington, D.C. and works with clients and companies across the United States and abroad.