U*styled values getting a high ROI in your wardrobe. We want to make your life easier. We put the style in lifestyle. We use your wardrobe as a tool to help you achieve the success you want both personally and professionally. This is YOUR style for your life.

Catherine Cassidy founded U*styled in 2008 to give professional women the tools to live their lives in style by curating a wardrobe they love that makes getting dressed easy and effortless for every morning, big meeting, presentation and special event.

Since then we have worked with busy, successful women who are high-level executives and rising stars across all industries with completely unique personal styles. U*styled excels at ‘getting’ you so that the style you define is truly you at your best.

In today’s world where your image is very much a part of your personal brand that does the talking for you when you first enter a room, we give our clients the confidence and peace of mind that they are always in style … their style.

U*styled’s clients rave about how it’s not about fitting a mold or on trend, but in creating and cultivating a style that is uniquely their own. Our Style Philosophy is about aligning your inner style with your outer presence. It’s you, only better.

With U*styled’s Styling and Boutique Box (TM) services, we have created a streamlined and efficient process that makes working with a personal stylist cost efficient, time effective and FUN! Yes, shopping is now FUN! Our clients need to have a wardrobe that works for them without the time and effort that it typically takes to build an effective wardrobe.



With U*styled + Boutique Box:

You do NOT have to do any of your shopping yourself. You should NOT spend more than 5 minutes getting dressed each morning.

You will create a wardrobe that maximizes the return on your investment.

You WILL focus on furthering your career and spending quality time with your friends and family. You WILL feel confident, radiant and like a force of nature every day.



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U*styled is based in Los Angeles, but travels to work with clients outside of LA with frequent trips to Chicago, San Francisco and New York. We also have Virtual Personal Styling options for the clients we work with nationally and internationally.

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