It’s time to stop playing small. It’s time to end the Style Shame.

Like many women, I’ve been bullied and shamed.

Growing up, I was targeted by one of my best friends and ousted from our friend group. It turned out to be jealousy in part because of how I looked (let’s be clear — I was not one of the popular girls or even trying to stand out at that time).

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The Statement Necklace …

You’re supposed to have one, but how do you wear it? How often?

How many do you need? What should you look for in the perfect necklace(s) for YOU?

There is no one right answer.

However, I will say that I prefer quality over quantity and timeless over trendy. I bet you could have guessed I’d say that if you’ve been following Ustyled for a while!

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At Ustyled we believe that successful women invest in themselves. So, when Carrie VanWinkle shared the below post with us, we wanted to pass it along to you. She has such a refreshing approach to MONEY — which can be as shameful of a topic as style. (Shouldn’t we know how to manage our money, update our closet, etc.?)

We’re not about shame here at all. We about empowering you with the tools to take action so you can learn and grow and get to the next level … 

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Last night the Canadian Embassy in D.C. hosted a non-partisan event to highlight and celebrate the new members of Congress. The large room was FULL of women and a few good men excited to welcome the new women.

Style for me is just as much about WHO you are as HOW you dress. It’s anthropology as well as psychology. (This is why we always start with WHY in all of our programs.)

I love being in a room of diverse women to take in how each one of them shows up in style.

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It’s a bit odd being here in DC today.

Though my own views tend to be pretty bi-partisan to vary by policy, not necessarily party, and I aim to stay pretty non-partisan because I want women rising up as leaders on both sides of the aisle, this post is slightly less non-partisan. To that effect, whether you voted for Trump or not, whether you support him or not, I ask that you keep an open mind.

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Here at Ustyled I’m on a mission to redefine what it means to “Dress for Success” as a professional woman.

It’s part inspiration, part action and part finding you the best quality for value in the designers that we support.

It’s also about showing up, standing out and having the courage to be 100% Authentically YOU.

No more hiding behind boxy, baggy suits. No more boring black (unless you LOVE it!). No more ‘shoulding’

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I’m on a mission to redefine ‘Dress for Success’ for women.

There are a lot of ‘shoulds’ around dressing as a modern professional woman.

They’re BS!


This idea that on top of all the different elements of our lives – positioning ourselves for a promotion, caring for our family, volunteering for causes dear to our hearts, being their for our friends – we’re also expected to always be perfectly presentable.

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