Well, your diet is like the reason you’ve reached a standstill with your weight loss goals.

Here are some of the top culprits killing diets around the world:

* Not eating before a workout.

Your body needs fuel for the exercise. Just like a car, you won’t get very far on fumes. A perfect pre-workout snack is something with a balance of protein, fiber and carbs. An apple with a little peanut butter is a perfect example.

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Let’s first meditate on a quote from Marianne Williamson:

As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people

permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear,

our  presence automatically liberates others.”


Are you wondering how this can relate to “color yourself successful?”

Well, it means everything!

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How about starting a business?

Heck yea!

This comes up because once again I’m putting my body through the intensity of training for a marathon. As my knees and feet protest these efforts, I keep having to remind myself why I’m doing this. Oh yea, to raise money and awareness to support women’s cardiac care (still the number 1 killer of women – do you think stress has anything to do with it?).

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I taped a segment to walk you through making your own gourmet dessert … and to show you how simple it really can be. This took me a total of 15 minutes plus two hours of chilling time. How great is that??



4 oz mascarpone cheese

1/4 C sugar

1/4 C whipping cream

3/4 C whipping cream

12 ladyfingers,

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When setting goals and brainstorming dreams, I am always amazed how easy it is for people to sell themselves short. Even when coming up with a list of our wildest dreams that he hope to achieve, many of us (myself included, to be honest) sometimes catch ourselves saying, “Oh, my. I could never imagine having THAT!) What happens to us when we constrict ourselves when we dream?

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Yea, we all have those days. It’s time to get out the door, but putting on anything other than yoga pants and a tee seems unbearable. I know the feeling too!

Personally, my style changes with my mood. I think most of us busy women are like that. I can be totally sophisticated in a fabulous Jackie O kind of way, or I can get totally funky with a little inspiration from Beyonce.

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Umm, YUM! I had to make this twice because I forgot to take a picture. Darn!

It’s so simple, yet so lovely and definitely counts as gourmet.

I would suggest making the whole pesto recipe and freezing the remaining pesto in ice cube trays. Then, take them out, wrap them in wax paper and store in a sealed plastic bag. The wax paper keeps the cubes from getting frosty.

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