I loved having Rachna Choudhry of Popvox join me for the second episode of the Leadership Style Power podcast to talk about her journey in building out the Popvox platform, how she knew she could do this, and the power of telling YOUR story.

We’re big on being TRUE to you here at Ustyled, so naturally Rachna’s message around finding and sharing YOUR unique story especially resonated.

Popvox gives you a platform to easily share your story with your congressperson so they can be sure they’re truly representing their constituents.

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Pop ahead to hear Rachna share:

3:38 – The Power of Popvox in this political arena
4:45 – The inflection point you need to decide whether or not to start your business
8:01 – Communication between partners as the business evolves
9:47 – What does ‘Leadership’ mean? Not just in work, but in the community …
14:59 – Applying for the job when you’re not ‘100% qualified’ and why that’s actually valuable
18:26 – How to write a cover letter that sets you apart from the crowd when applying
19:42 – As a woman, how you may inadvertently hurting yourself and your career
23:01 – The power in peer-sponsor relationships to advance BOTH of your careers
32:33 – Do you have a #PowerPosse?
35:34 – How to connect with the audience authentically when speaking publicly
39:32 – Confidence
40:01 – Approaching public speaking as a relationship and how to nurture that relationship
41:15 – Taking CARE of yourself and how you present yourself to create more confidence when speaking
48:17 – How Rachna invests in herself (not just her business!)


Watch the video above or have a listen below …



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