Part education, part inspiring storytelling, completely empowering.

With this podcast, Ustyled CEO Catherine Cassidy dives into what it will take to see more women rise up as leaders at all levels – community, Fortune 500, Startup, tech and everywhere in between so women rising up can SEE themselves in the leaders we interview.

> These are real women creating real change.

Now more than ever we need women stepping up and speaking up.

The biggest thing holding us back? Confidence. 

In sharing their stories, we’ll give women of all ages a window into how and why THEY are the leaders we need.

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Jessica Grounds | Project Mine the Gap

There seems to be a trend of connecting with fellow California expats here in D.C. and Jessica Grounds is no exception. Moving to D.C. right after graduating from Pepperdine, Jessica is the epitome of the ‘make it happen’ attitude. Don’t let her optimistic outlook fool you, though. She has had a ‘juicy’ career since landing…

Rachna Choudhry | Popvox

I loved having Rachna Choudhry of Popvox join me for the second episode of the Leadership Style Power podcast to talk about her journey in building out the Popvox platform, how she knew she could do this, and the power of telling YOUR story. We’re big on being TRUE to you here at Ustyled, so naturally…

Beverly Hallberg | District Media Group

Having Beverly Hallberg of District Media Group join me for the inaugural episode of the Leadership Style Power podcast is especially fitting since such a big piece of the intention behind this podcast is to inspire and empower women of all ages, all backgrounds and all levels of leadership to step UP as leaders. A…