Studies have shown that what you wear not only influences how others perceive you, but also how you perform and how you perceive YOURSELF.

Leadership Style Power™ isn't about the clothes or about how others perceive you, but about how you perceive yourself. 

After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression. 

But, it's not the clothes that make the impression. It's your energy + confidence: your presence.

However, the clothes are a key communication tool in presenting yourself authentically as a leader that most leadership development programs miss out on because they're afraid to address style.

This is not about judgement, this is empowerment.

Leadership Style Power ™ walks you through:

  • Seeing yourself as a leader (aka raising your hand to have a seat at the table)
  • Knowing who are you as a leader (what are your guiding principles and skills?)
  • Creating your authentic style and brand to make sure you're positioning yourself as a leader to be promoted (including all the nuances of fit, dressing for every occasion and how to evolve your style with your career)

Because Leadership Style Power™  starts with getting grounded in your values, your goals and your self, you come away with a clear sense of HOW you want to show up as a leader -- in both the figurative and literal sense. The true inner confidence that results is what actually creates the impact for your team's performance.

Why Leadership Style Power™?  Clients have grown businesses from 6 to 7 figures, launched a 6-figure speaking business, received multiple promotions and even gotten married! 

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Catherine has brought Leadership Style Power™ to the women of Facebook, TD Bank, Women in Government Relations, University of Southern California, Step Up Women's Network, Running Start, First Tuesday USA ... and more.

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There is no ‘one size fits all’ in leadership + style ...

This work is more successful when offered to specific groups or for targeted conversations, so I can tailor the content to your needs: 

◊ Empower your Entry-Level Employees: A 2-hour salon style workshop and discussion can give your young employees the opportunity to digest the concept of Leadership Style Power and engage in an active conversation around finding their authentic style as they evolve in their careers and leadership.

◊ Engage your Team: Create the opportunity for your team to discover their inner leaders. This conversation focuses on the core concepts of Leadership Style Power without getting specific on style or dress. Great for a mixed-gender group.

◊ How do you evolve your Leadership Style as your career evolves? Mid to High level managers and newly promoted managers benefit from a 2-hour workshop moving through the '5 C's of Leadership Style Power™  to define their personal brand of Leadership Style Power and creating an action plan for them to take immediate action.

◊ C-Suite Leadership Style Power: You're setting the precedent in how you show up as a leader. This VIP Intensive trains you in Leadership Style Power ™ tools to take back to your team and identifies your own brand of Leadership Style Power™. This includes shopping and is available on a very limited basis. Email to inquire.

The confidence gap is not a male or female issue, it's an issue -period- for identifying your high-potential talent and leaders. However, it's proven that there is a bigger confidence gap for women.

Let's talk about how we can get more women raising their hands as leaders. You've already seen the studies about how it impacts bottom line results, but they have to first self-identify as leaders. Leadership Style Power will get you and them there faster.

As such, I do offer additional opportunities specific to women in leadership:

◊ Sign up above to be in the know for future roundtables, workshops and #PowerPosse gatherings I'm hosting coming to your town. You'll also receive our blog post updates, including new podcast episodes.

◊ Gather your #PowerPosse: For a salon-style workshop and discussion moving you through your WHY, WHAT and WHO of Leadership Style Power™  and then ultimately offering solutions to your most frustrating wardrobe challenges with the HOW of it all. Leave empowered with a shifted mindset + an action plan.

We can schedule a training or workshop for your group of self-starters! Inquire here.

◊ If you're an executive short on time (or perhaps caring to find the time), but do recognize the impact of your style + presence,  I do have a very limited number of VIP intensives available each month. Reach out and we'll find a time to connect! (Hint: With the Leadership Style Power™ approach to style, this does count as professional development.)

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My goal is to change the conversation around style so that we take what can be a shameful and disempowering topic and make it empowering. Style is an opportunity to express who we are and what we value. It also creates an opportunity to connect with an audience. However, there is so much unnecessary superficiality attached to it.

With Leadership Style Power, I help you connect to your WHY and then understand your HOW. Why does it matter that you are seen and heard? OK, now how do we create that presence and style? Ultimately, this helps YOU connect to your own inner confidence and power. It’s already there within you -- I just help you access it.

In noticing how you’re currently literally showing up in your work and leadership, you’ll be able to see where you have opportunities to grow and evolve, in both your leadership and in how you show up as a leader.

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Inspiring, Engaging, Actionable ...  Words from our Clients

Engaged and inspired a diverse group of professional women

Catherine presented a workshop on “Dressing for Success” to a group of high school seniors and professional women mentors. Giving the group some basic professional staples and some tips from the top on ways to create and personalize your professional wardrobe, helped our ladies feel empowered to enter the workforce confidently.

Her ability to engage a diverse group and address the questions and needs of both new to the workplace young women and professional veterans, was truly impressive and a testament to her investment in her own knowledge and in the women she serves.

Nickie Acero Senior Manager, Teen Programs at Step Up Women's Network

Catherine gave incredible insight on the role fashion plays with confidence and enhancing one’s work experience.

“Catherine was an incredible addition to the GW Women in Business Annual Spring Conference. The purpose of our conference was to help empower, and help young professionals to expand their boundaries to find what makes them limitless. Catherine’s knowledge undoubtedly helped guide the attendees on how to get one step closer to becoming “limitless”. Catherine gave incredible insight on the role fashion plays with confidence and enhancing one’s work experience. The backbone that Ustyled is built upon should be shared with all professionals as it can help take their work experiences to the next level.”

Simran Mirchandani Chairwoman, GW Women in Business

I tapped into the fact that it’s more than STYLE – it’s about stepping into my power and who I am as a woman.

Being a woman over 45, I really want to look my best and feel my best, but not necessarily trade it for an aesthetic that doesn’t make me feel like ME!  And that was my favorite part of what Catherine talked about at the Style Power workshop. I tapped into the fact that it is about stepping into my power and who I am as a woman. It’s that style is my own personal aesthetic that shows who I am and want to be and show to the world. Catherine is so passionate about this and I love that about her.

I am a photographer now, but I have 15 years of corporate experience that I sometimes struggle with this still even though I’ve had my own business for over 6 years!  I was getting ready to attend a women’s conference recently and felt super anxious that morning as I was getting dressed – walking in and out of my closet debating on whether I should dress “like everyone else would” or “just be me and throw all caution to the wind”!  Do I dare?  And I did!  While getting ready that morning, I actually thought about how Catherine had talked about needing to embrace my power and be ME and I would feel more confident because of it.  And so I did.

I put on a cute (very non-corporate jacket), skinny jeans and very funky heeled shoes and walked out feeling pretty good!  I still l had a hit of anxiety when I pulled up to the event when every, single woman that walked by me was wearing a gray or black suit and black shoes. I almost wanted to turn around and bolt out of there!  Instead, I drove in, parked, thought about who I was and why I was there and again thought about some of the conversations during Catherine’s (name of the event?) a few weeks back and decided to show up as me. And I did.  And it felt great. I remember Catherine saying, “Your style is a key to your success.” and how true that was for me!  I allowed myself to be artsy, flirty and fun and realized that it didn’t take away from my professionalism or ability to do large projects for a client.  And guess what? I met two potential clients that day and walked away with meetings and even more confidence in my inner and outer beauty!

Rupa Kapoor

Completely shifted how I look at my closet and my body!

Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with us. I am looking at my closet, and my body, with new eyes (more critical with closet, less critical with body! ) I think everyone really enjoyed themselves and learned valuable, useful information.

Nancy Lovell

This has literally changed my life.

I have always loved beautiful clothes and style, and yet because I tend to live a very active and “California Casual” lifestyle and I have never felt all that confident when it comes to putting a fabulous look together – my wardrobe trended toward workout clothes and casual day wear.

Catherine has opened me up to a whole new world of fashion know-how and fun!  From the very first time that we worked together I knew that I had made a very good choice in hiring Catherine. Catherine not only has an incredible sense of style, she also has an amazing gift for truly understanding her client from the inside out.

Her ability to connect with the essence of who I am and what I wish to portray in the world, I feel, is what sets her apart from all of the other stylists out there. Catherine does not simply go out and find pretty clothes to fill my closet; she finds beautiful, elegant looks that reflect ME and the woman I am stepping into being. Catherine gently pushes me to stretch myself in my style and wardrobe, and that has also supported me in stretching myself in my life.

With Catherine’s support, I have discovered the incredible power that clothes have on my confidence when I step out the door.  Catherine has taught me to dress in a way that reflects the powerful, beautiful woman that I am and when I wear clothes that she has styled for me I really FEEL that confidence inside!  Catherine is a phenomenally gifted stylist and a truly authentic and kind person and I am so grateful to be able to work with her!

Stephanie Frisselle

Catherine you have changed my world forever!
Thank you so much for everything you gave me today and for being so incredibly present in my world. Your gifts for making this fierce badass girl feel even more delicious deserve so many accolades! Christina Dunbar you were not messin around when you told me to bring this woman into my circle!
Catherine gave me the tools I needed to dress my body when it was 243 lbs. I have since gotten healthy and lost 10 dress sizes and guess what? I still know how to dress my even littler body because Catherine teaches you how to dress for who you are at any time. I am a punk rock professor who presents at academic conferences. I have to be true to my soul while still making a lasting professional impact on others. Catherine has taught me how to do that no matter what size my body is.
While getting my PhD, I am running my own public speaking business Bird Girl Industries It is my true purpose on earth to ignite others, especially women, so that they can be fully equipped to be fierce change agents in the world. I am so grateful that Catherine helps me put my best dressed body forward so that I can engage and impress every single day.

Melissa Bird

Catherine helped me understand (and accept!) my body and how to relate to the clothes I already own.

This has helped me to see the holes in my wardrobe I need to fill.  This is such a relief!

More than that, she is gently coaching me into seeing my own potential reflected in how I dress.

It is so helpful to have a guide, especially if you have had pieces in your wardrobe for a very long time.  I find I could not longer see them clearly.  I had a sense that things did not fit properly, but I did not know what to do about it.  Honestly I stopped shopping because I was tired of wasting money, not knowing what on earth to look for in terms of style and fit. 

I can say I am gaining confidence about what looks best on me and how to put outfits together with much more ease.  I am quickly growing my business and often feel pressed for time.

This week I was able to quickly assemble an outfit for an important meeting – and amazingly felt really good and CONFIDENT in it.  This is the first time ever I have been able to throw something together on the fly and feel really good!

Catherine is always honest (so appreciate that!) yet gentle and you know she really wants the best for you.  If you are looking to gain confidence in how you dress for success, Catherine is your woman.

Teri Beckman