As you may already be aware, we kind of love our clients over here at Ustyled.

We have such a blast helping them have FUN with their style in a way that is as empowering as it is efficient.

Jill was referred to us by a great friend and longtime Ustyled client and I was SO excited to have the opportunity to help her get ready for all the Grammy festivities as a part of the behind the scenes getting to go to ALL of the events. (She’s so fancy!)

At the same time, the pressure was ON! And we did most of our initial work remotely. So, I’m grateful to Jill for taking the leap of faith and trusting that we had her back and would make it happen so she looked and felt FIERCE on the red carpet.

Now, what I love even more about Jill is that she’s a badass business woman, wife and mom. She’s transitioned from a corporate career to working with a startup to now having her own consulting company focusing on operations and marketing. Brilliant woman, indeed.

Really, she’s proof that you CAN have it all, even at once. However, maybe you don’t have to DO it all yourself.

Jill has graciously allowed us all to be inspired by her Style Power at the Grammy’s and shares a bit of the experience in her own words …

“Catherine made the process really fun, saved me a ton of time, and made me look amazing!” – Jill James

“I worked with Catherine to prepare for four hectic days of black tie and cocktail events around the
2016 Grammys in Los Angeles. As an entrepreneur and new mom, I simply didn’t have time to source all of the clothes that I would need for two black tie and four cocktail events.

Catherine made the process really fun, saved me a ton of time, and made me look amazing. I was skeptical about some of her suggested styles, but I ultimately was thrilled that I followed her advice and embraced her tips for dressing my post-baby body. I felt so confident and got a ton of compliments.

We used a combination of Rent the Runway rentals for gowns and some amazing cocktail and jewelry pieces that Catherine sourced, which I have continued to wear. We are now moving forward with the rest of my closet. I am excited to report, as a primarily work-from-home entrepreneur, that my yoga pants are retired. ”

– Jill James

President, Sif Industries

Are you in need of a little help with your wardrobe before your next event? Check out our Ustyled page to view our variety of options or email Alex ( to set up a time to chat with me personally!

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2 thoughts on “Client Success: Jill James, Grammys 2016

  1. Thanks so much for featuring our Grammys work together!

    Posted on April 10, 2016 at 4:29 pm
  2. Cute outfits and Catherine is definitely a confidence booster. Ustyled, Congrats on landing a big client for a big event.

    Lorraine M.

    Posted on April 11, 2016 at 1:32 pm