” I have a much stronger sense of self, which I was not anticipating. Greater confidence and greater self esteem.” – Annie Landry


In my latest Style Success Interview I talked to one of my favorite client duo’s about their success with Boutique Box and learned how effective the Power of Two can be.

I urge you to watch the first 5 minutes to see what they have to say. It may inspire, it may not. But I think you’re going to want to watch the whole thing.



A bit of what Annie and Susan Share:

  • How Ustyled and getting the Style support has helped them both personally and professionally
  • The EASE they have with getting ready each morning and WHY it’s easier now
  • Some of the spillover benefits & results they’ve seen that they weren’t expected
  • How they support each other in style (and life!)


As they say, ‘Just DO IT NOW!’ 😉

We so appreciate their support and if you feel inspired by these women, take their advice and just the first step in style — sign up for the Style Power Report.

If you’re ready to jump in, email stylist@catherinecassidy.co to set up a Clarity Call and we’ll discuss what is best for YOU with your current wardrobe and career … and your GOALS for growth.


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