“I feel more authentic than ever before.” ~ Cindy Harris

The work that we do with our clients is not about changing them or styling them so they ‘fit in’ to expectations of what they should look like. That’s why I kind of love the juxtaposition of Cindy’s ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo’s. There is a lot that carries through with the scarf and color.

But, the ‘after’ is much lighter, easier and FUN.

In working together, we did essentially lighten up Cindy’s style. As an artist who works with businesses, she needed to honor both sides of her. She didn’t need to look ‘business’ as she’d been doing when meeting with the business owners she’d work with. She needed to look like CINDY.

This is why we punched up the color, lightened up the feel of it all and gave her lots of easy pieces for mixing & matching with white and light colors being her base of neutrals.


Nothing bad about any of these, at all! But, also not 100% Cindy.

Cindy shares more about the experience and results, in her own words:

Recently, I had a wonderful weekend in NYC and the highlight (other than a wonderful mothers day with my son) was the Georgia O’Keeffe Exhibit “Living Modern” at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

In this show I was able to see how Georgia integrated her personal style and unique sense of beauty in her art, her clothing, and her surroundings – all a thoughtful expression of powerful self.

I have been searching for my own personal style for many years — probably all of my life — never feeling I knew what I liked, or what looked good on my body type and I usually bought clothes on sale.

My career is an integration of both a visual artist and branding specialist for the travel and tourism industry, so I knew that how I projected myself was important. Still, it wasn’t until working with Christine Kane as my business coach that I realized how important it actually was.

During one of our group events, Christine spoke of how Catherine had helped her create her own personal style. I loved the power and uniqueness that she (Christine) displayed while on stage and in person. So I decided to say YES and look into how I could move forward. I signed up for a call and a one on one package where I received Boutique Boxes periodically as well as video calls where I tried the clothes on for Catherine’s consultation on fit, prioritizing purchases, etc.

It is like getting an amazing, fun gift in the mail when I receive the boutique boxes!

To be honest, at first I freaked out about moving to a higher level of clothing costs, but I loved the pieces and found myself wearing mostly the ‘Boutique Box’ clothes. Over time I realized that because through this process I bought less over the course of the year and loved the results, it was about the same. Catherine showed me little tips on rolling up the sleeves, belting things, and accessorizing that was such great advice and made me see how easy it was to add personal finishing touches without much fuss.

Releasing the old clothes was a powerful exercise.

I still had things from at least 20 years ago stuffed into my closet thinking that I might wear it someday. Now my closet feels beautiful. I am building a wardrobe of pieces that I love and that feel great to wear!

One of the major changes I have made after working with Ustyled is I lost 25 pounds and feel so much better about myself. I feel younger, have more energy and powerful!!! I went to the South of France to paint for 10 days and am loving life!

Getting dressed in the morning is more thoughtful.

I care about what I wear. It is more fun and I feel more authentic than ever before.

I learned that developing your personal brand isn’t just a logo. It is how you are able to present yourself to the world every day. By allowing Catherine to lift me up in my own vision of myself, I am able to change the world and lift others so they are able to as well.

I would highly recommend saying yes to UStyled and your “Georgia” will step into the world with strength and authenticity.



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