I am so excited for you to meet Dr. Anne Sinclair of Solid Vocal Foundation.

I met Anne over a year ago when I was home in Chicago for the holidays. I was so moved by her vulnerability and also saw how much potential she had to create her dreams using her Doctor of Music Education to help people master their voice.

After all, for us women to rise up as leaders we need to be seen and heard. 

I invite you to be inspired by how Anne has stepped into her Style Power™ and created some amazing success for herself in an incredibly short amount of time.


(If you want to watch with a bigger screen, click here. 😉 )

BONUS: Anne shares a bit of her expertise with you!

Anne shares:
  • How she found the courage to step fully into her business
  • What kind of QUICK success she created for herself within 6 months of the Style
  • What she found the most valuable of the Style Power Program (and how quickly she felt the changes begin from the trainings)


Dr. Anne Sinclair OWNING her Confidence in Style:


Ready to create success for yourself and confidence in your presence the way Anne did?

We created 30 Days to Define your Style to give you what you need to take those first steps in confidence as you evolve your style to OWN your confidence and clarity in your presence.

Check it out to see if it’s a good fit for you!


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