Leadership Style Power is about results.

This isn't about getting into your closet and just cleaning it out + showing you what to wear.

That's where I got my start, but in working with hundreds of women over the 9 years I spent with Ustyled, I realized it's much deeper than that. It's about your CONFIDENCE and giving you the tools to create your authentic style every day.

Leadership Style Power is OWNING all of you and showing up 100%.

You can get a sense of the deeper results from the testimonials below, but I wanted to also highlight a few success stories so you can see what I mean about results that occur outside of your closet and in your career.

>> Carrie Van Winkle on the connection between style + money

>> Annie Landry + Susan Symonds on the permission to be seen

>> Nozomi Morgon on taking the leap before you're 'ready' and creating massive business results

>> Anne Sinclair on knowing it was time to stop playing small!


Not a luxury, but a needed service for anyone conducting business with the public.

Catherine has an amazing capacity to pull things out of your own closet and put them together better than you could ever do. I worked at Barney’s and Neiman’s and thought I had it down. She really helped me look fantastic and create new looks without having to spend thousands of dollars. She focused on my career and the best colors and ways to show success when I conduct seminars and meetings.

I believe this is not a luxury service, but a needed service for anyone conducting business with the public. And, she is fast, full of conviction and doesn’t mess around. This one means business and delivers it with a beautiful smile!

Stephanie Radkay

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