Leadership Style Power Workshop


>> You’re in a place of transition in your career — just starting your career, going back to work or starting your own business – and want to find a place of ease as well as confidence in how you’re showing up at work.

>> You’re positioning yourself to be promoted and it’s time to up-level your style and presence … it may not be huge changes, but just a few subtle tweaks.

>> You’ve been increasingly frustrated (and/or bored) with getting dressed for work and are ready for a change, but where the heck to even start? What to toss, what to buy, what works, etc.?

>> You have a closet full of clothes, yet you go into your closet to get dressed each morning and sigh in frustration … and wear some version of the same thing as yesterday.

>> You want to save $$ money $$ by knowing what to buy, where to find it, what it’s worth and how to wear it so you actually DO wear it.



>> A deeper awareness of your WHO, WHY and WHAT of how you show up as a leader ... but most importantly the WHY you are raising your hand and using your voice.

>> Not just major a-ha's around your personal brand of style, but clarity on how to dress your body in your stye, everyday!

>> An Action Plan for evolving your style -- what to buy, where to find it and what to prioritize to maximize your wardrobe NOW (let's be honest, the where to find what pieces part is what makes you just stop!)

>> Feeling excited, clear and confident in how you can evolve your style, one item at a time ... yes, this IS possible!

The 5 C's of Leadership Style Power

Courage, Connection, Communication, Clarity, CONFIDENCE

Why does STYLE matter?

This is a question I've pondered a lot and I've honestly had a lot of conflict with even personally.

I don't want style to matter. I want your voice, your talents and your work to be all that matters as you rise up as a leader .

However, we don't live in that world. We live in a world where how you show up DOES matter. Just as much for yourself (and your confidence) as for how others perceive you.

And if you want to create buy-in for your work, your movement, your team, then you have to care about what you're communicating, which includes your presence and style.

Yet, style, clothes, shopping, etc. can be a very frustrating and shaming experience for women.

I'm on a mission to demystify it for you and that's what I do with the Leadership Style Power™ work.

How you show up as a leader is as much about your internal awareness and sense of self as it is the external and visual representation of your brand.

Think about how you want to feel when you show up for a big meeting or a presentation.

Confident, poised, polished – right?

How do you embody that?

Studies have shown that what you wear matters – to YOU. Not because of how others perceive you, but for how you perceive yourself. More than that, what you wear can actually impact how you perform.

The Leadership Style Power workshop leads you from WHY + WHO to HOW to define and evolve your Leadership Style, all within an engaging, inspiring and action-oriented 90-minutes.

You’ll not only walk away with more clarity for yourself in what works for your body, your career, your personality, but you’ll also have an action plan for evolving your Leadership Style Power so you can see immediate results.

You can talk about your 'personal brand' all you like, but this is the only workshop that gives you ALL the tools to literally create your personal brand of style.

You can book an intensive (3-6 women) for 1-1 support in answering your specific Q's or a salon to bring the conversation to your dynamic group of women advancing as leaders (25-100+ women).

Reach out to book your intensive or salon at my current rate (through the end of 2017)


With over 15 years of experience in the Fashion Industry and an undergraduate business degree from USC, Ustyled CEO Catherine Cassidy has unique blend of business, operations, sales, merchandising and personal styling experience.

Her career in Fashion started on the sales floor of her hometown Nordstrom. Upon graduation from USC, Catherine started her corporate fashion career with Robinsons May (now Bloomingdales) in accounting. Within a year, Catherine landed her dream job as a merchandiser for BCBG. All of this laid the groundwork for her to launch Ustyled in 2008. Style is a catalyst for confidence, so if you’re going to rise up as a leader, you had better look & feel confident! Ustyled makes it easy.

In the years of building Ustyled, Catherine has worked with hundreds of women from different backgrounds, in a wide variety of industries, of all ages and all body types and personal styles. This experience is the basis of the Leadership Style Power™ Principles we teach to connect you from the WHY to the HOW in defining YOUR style.

Based in Washington, D.C., Catherine has Catherine has shared Style Power ™ with the women of TD Bank, Women in Government Relations, First Tuesday USA, Step Up Women’s Network and the University of Southern California, among others.


 I added some basic staples that I’d been missing — really simple pieces that still had some style and personality.

I’ve learned so much and it will continue to evolve, I’m sure. During the Style Power course, I cleaned out my closet and got rid of a lot of things that just weren’t working for me. I realized I had too many accents and not enough foundation. So I added some basic staples that I’d been missing — really simple pieces that still had some style and personality. To my surprise and delight, I discovered how these simple pieces can act like a canvas on which one special piece of clothing or jewelry can really shine!

My old favorite things look so much better against my new foundation – and people notice and compliment me on pieces I’ve had for years!

It was great to post pictures and get your feedback, Catherine. I have pretty good intuition about what works for me and a pretty good eye as an artist. But I had some blind spots, and I was missing the fine tuning that you provided.

And the best thing about taking pictures is that now I have a photo album of outfits that work for me. I can look back to them anytime I get unsure – either to replicate them or to integrate the lessons more deeply. It’s easy to revert back to our habitual ways. but now when I get distracted or forget what I learned, I can go back and look at my photos to see what worked and what didn’t.

And each time I put an outfit together that works, I reinforce my understanding and intuition. I ground in it more fully and feel better and better in my clothes! Thank you!

Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo Textile Artist and Educator, threadsofawakening.com

Created a congruent style that aligned with my confidence and ultimately enhanced my business success!

I hired Ustyled because felt tired with my look, but more importantly it felt in-congruent with who I was becoming on the inside. Letting go of all the crap I was holding on to was liberating. And I was learning new things about myself every session. Having someone guide me through the process was priceless.

As Catherine guided me with the clothes she chose for me (and explained WHY with each one), I started to see a totally different person in the mirror – confident and beautiful. Not only that, I am a different person – lighter, relaxed, confident, comfortable in my own skin and powerful.

As a success and leadership coach, I know that our success is strongly influenced by your ability to change and grow. You are what you think and this is reflected in how you present yourself to the outside world. My upgraded styling has enabled me to reflect my true authentic self from the inside out. It also impacted my business – recent pictures from a photoshoot has generated lots of comments and interest in what I do.

Elaine Bailey

Completely shifted how I look at my closet and my body!

Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with us. I am looking at my closet, and my body, with new eyes (more critical with closet, less critical with body! ) I think everyone really enjoyed themselves and learned valuable, useful information.

Nancy Lovell December 22, 2014

I tapped into the fact that it’s more than STYLE – it’s about stepping into my power and who I am as a woman.

Being a woman over 45, I really want to look my best and feel my best, but not necessarily trade it for an aesthetic that doesn’t make me feel like ME!  And that was my favorite part of what Catherine talked about at the Style Power workshop. I tapped into the fact that it is about stepping into my power and who I am as a woman. It’s that style is my own personal aesthetic that shows who I am and want to be and show to the world. Catherine is so passionate about this and I love that about her.

I am a photographer now, but I have 15 years of corporate experience that I sometimes struggle with this still even though I’ve had my own business for over 6 years!  I was getting ready to attend a women’s conference recently and felt super anxious that morning as I was getting dressed – walking in and out of my closet debating on whether I should dress “like everyone else would” or “just be me and throw all caution to the wind”!  Do I dare?  And I did!  While getting ready that morning, I actually thought about how Catherine had talked about needing to embrace my power and be ME and I would feel more confident because of it.  And so I did.

I put on a cute (very non-corporate jacket), skinny jeans and very funky heeled shoes and walked out feeling pretty good!  I still l had a hit of anxiety when I pulled up to the event when every, single woman that walked by me was wearing a gray or black suit and black shoes. I almost wanted to turn around and bolt out of there!  Instead, I drove in, parked, thought about who I was and why I was there and again thought about some of the conversations during Catherine’s (name of the event?) a few weeks back and decided to show up as me. And I did.  And it felt great. I remember Catherine saying, “Your style is a key to your success.” and how true that was for me!  I allowed myself to be artsy, flirty and fun and realized that it didn’t take away from my professionalism or ability to do large projects for a client.  And guess what? I met two potential clients that day and walked away with meetings and even more confidence in my inner and outer beauty!

Rupa Kapoor Woman-Redefined.com

Helped me rebuild my wardrobe to reflect who I am as a strong and feminine woman.

The Style Power Program is all about fashion with a purpose and making the most out of your wardrobe. The Program inspired me to de-clutter my closet and rebuild a wardrobe that reflects a strong and feminine woman. Working in a ‘female under-represented’ field, I had previously dressed as I thought I should, though I slowly started to bring more of ME into my professional attired. With this program, I was finally able to let go of the old and move forward to a more modern version of myself. 

Catherine’s mentorship went beyond the fashion trends and focused on how fashion makes you feel. Her genuine passion and knowledge of style really shined through her ability to connect and challenge me to make subtle changes that make the world of a difference.

Tera Haramoto Engineer