I’m on a mission to redefine ‘Dress for Success’ for women.

There are a lot of ‘shoulds’ around dressing as a modern professional woman.

They’re BS!


This idea that on top of all the different elements of our lives – positioning ourselves for a promotion, caring for our family, volunteering for causes dear to our hearts, being their for our friends – we’re also expected to always be perfectly presentable.


Really? How do you have time to find the pieces that work for your body, know how to ‘mix+match’ them AND do everything else for everyone else?

It really shouldn’t be a priority for your time.


Because you probably already know that, you may have decided that ‘it shouldn’t matter what you wear.’


So, you may:

Stop buying clothes altogether because you’re not confident in what to buy or where to find it – what you have or what you find easily is ‘good enough.’

The problem here is that you then end up with a closet full of clothes that don’t feel good, so you’re just as stuck on what to wear each day. One of the key reasons why women get frustrated in front of their FULL closets is that they have evolved past their wardrobe. It’s time to update!



Wear clothes that are utilitarian and bland to allow you to just get out the door. Your goal may be to simply cover your body in ‘appropriate’ clothes to go unnoticed.

Digging deeper, a lot of the problem is that when we’re working in a male-dominated environment, we’re thinking:

“Don’t look at me as a sexual object.”

“Don’t look at me as pretty.”

“Don’t look at me as a woman.”


And so that’s how we dress. To hide those vulnerable parts of ourselves so we can just be ‘seen’ as smart and talented; worthy of the promotion or the job.


But the reality of it is that what you wear does matter. And it matters for men just as much as women.


Your clothes are a communication tool.

The colors and fabrics you choose share elements of your personality.

The fit of your clothes shares insights into your attitude, attention to detail and confidence.

The quality highlights how you value yourself.


It’s the HOW that is different for women …


So, what does this new ‘Dress for Success’ look like?


Style Power is about YOU – your message, your purpose and your presence.

It’s not about shoulds.

But it is about owning ALL of yourself – inside and out.

And it’s seeing women rise up as leaders even more quickly.


SO, to define your Leadership Style Power, I want you to consider:
  • How do YOU want to show up?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • How do you want to make others feel?
  • How do you want to be perceived?


The keys to how this translates to what you wear are within those answers.


For instance, the keys to my personal leadership style are approachable, classic and confident (aka colorful!).

This translates to clothes that are streamlined in fit + style – I really do practice what I preach with a minimal wardrobe and maximizing mixing + matching. I’d call this style Playfully Chic.


Perhaps you have an easygoing element to your attitude. That may translate to clothes that flow vs. fit close to the body.


Maybe you’re really straightforward and dynamic – you have high expectations for yourself as well as your team. That can translate to power dresses in bold solid colors and statement shoes.


I challenge you to play around with what this looks like for you and I encourage you to share your ideas below. You never know who you could inspire!


Admittedly, the trickier part is then actually finding the clothes that fit that style.

Fortunately, that’s why we’ve got your back! Whether you simply stay connected on Facebook or Instagram or sign up for our newsletter updates OR are ready to be supported with our Streamlined Style package … we got you!


Can’t wait to see what you create for yourself!








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