A recent conversation with a client highlighted a key to her success and WHY we’ve created such amazing results evolving her style as she’s moving into her next level in her career.

Why did she invest in Ustyled?

Because she had been trying to figure out her ‘professional style’ on her own and not having much success or fun with it.

Sure, she could get out the door fairly easily, but she was just ‘appropriate.’

I’ve noticed that women seem to have a really hard time investing in themselves.

In fact, in this conversation my client noted that she sees other women struggling with figuring out their style, yet their hesitant to invest in the support to find clarity and confidence … and EASE. She mused: they just keep discussing the frustrations instead of taking decisive action to make it easy with the support of an expert.

Ustyled is just one of the ways that you can invest to make your life easier and move you along your career trajectory more quickly.

I just care that you ARE investing in yourself and that you are rising up.

More on WHY:

Now, this brilliant client already stood out in most work settings simply because she was the only woman in the room. She is totally OK with that. BUT, she wanted to take charge of the narrative and not just stand out, but OWN the room.

(Trust me, she’s a badass … as it pretty common with Ustyled clients!)

So, why would she keep trying to do it on her own and get the same results? Instead, invest in the expertise and support to get results and get them quickly!

Saving time ultimately saves you money.

And if we want to close the ‘wage gap’ we can take control of that conversation by standing up for what we are worth AND communicating that we’re worth it by investing in ourselves.

This doesn’t mean you need ot invest in everything at once. Just start the habit of investing in yourself. Maybe it’s investing time for now. Then, perhaps set milestones of where you can invest your money to get the highest ROI of your investment.

If you’re ready to close your wage gap (and own your power), there are 3 ways Ustyled can support you for fast results:
  1. IMPACT VIP — Saturday, June 17th in Marina del Rey, CA
  2. VIP STYLING — By application (and we do travel) for women who are ready to stand out and create that powerful presence NOW
  3. Leadership Style Power workshops — for your organization or company (hint: your employer can foot the bill!)

If you’re not ready to invest, but you are ready to dig into what you want your next level of success to look like, our FREE training on the 5 C’s of Leadership Style Power will get you thinking differently about how you want to show up. (Hint: this is not about how you should show up and simply being appropriate.) >> Sign up HERE! 

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