In this inspiring episode of Style Power, Catherine invited Christen Boone to talk about why your WHY matters to your success, what it takes to build a 6-figure business in a year and how to find ‘balance’ as a working mom.

Can you relate? Feel free to share and comment on what it means to you to know YOUR why in your work and life.

About Christen: As Founder and President of The Boone Group, she is a consultant and coach in social innovation and is committed to building stronger and more vibrant cities.  Christen works with nonprofits, foundations and city leaders to achieve inspiring and transformative visions in their organizations and in their community. Before founding The Boone Group, Christen served in leadership roles for some of the region’s most successful nonprofit organizations.  In her career, she led strategic imperatives and raised nearly $250 million for regional nonprofit organizations, including one of the nation’s largest new urban parks, an internationally renowned theatre and fine arts institutions across the southeast.

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