When I was still at BCBG working as a merchandiser, I first started considering personal styling — even just as a side gig — when I realized how good I was at finding the perfect gifts for my friends from our assortment. I’d nail the size, style, fit and color. Perfect for my friend’s body, life and career.

There is nothing better than the delight on someone’s face when they open that perfect gift.

Not too dissimilar to how I felt when I’d see a client’s face light up when they were so excited about a new perfect piece.

If you’re stuck on what to give the woman in your life who is dynamic, driven, powerful and rising up as a leader … let me share my gift of finding the perfect gift with you!

The Perfect Blazer

Finding the perfect blazer is like finding the perfect pair of black pants — it takes time and it isn’t that fun. There are so many fit details to consider and then you hope it’s feminine and your style.

Enter Citizen’s Mark. 

As you’ll see, I styled this perfect blazer 5 ways so you could see it’s versatility. Between the 4 different styles (and the fit guide), you’re sure to find your perfect fit.

Additionally, the price point for the quality can’t be beat. So, maybe a gift card is in order so she can pick it out for herself, but I know she’ll be pleased and ready to power suit up for that next big presentation.


A Strong Foundation

Depending on who she is to you, this may not be the best gift. But if she’s your lady, she’ll love you for this! Not only is ThirdLove an incredible company founded by a woman. They really get what we’re looking fro in our foundational garments — structure, comfort and style. Why should we have to lose style for the other two? Or lose structure for style?

Women want it all!

And so we shall have it!

Maybe this is a gift for yourself, but it’s the gift that will keep on giving!

Order here with $15 off!


Time Off

If she’s your mother, sister, best friend … basically Wonder Woman doing it all, what’s better than a little SPACE? Not much! Give her the day/evening/weekend off so she can recharge, have some time with her girls or get out of town.

Sometimes, it’s hard for a woman who is constantly driving to recognize that it’s time to chill, so a gentle reminder (keyword: gentle) can be a powerful thing. For both of you.


Leadership Style Power

If you have a woman in your life who is on the rise, her style needs to evolve with her career. Navigating the land mines of ‘what to wear’ for each occasion can be tricky.

The Leadership Style Power bundle was designed to get you grounded in your WHY, move you through your HOW and then get you into ACTION updating and evolving your wardrobe.

What you wear does matter. To YOU.

So, if your favorite woman is ready for that next level, this 3-part bundle will give her the tools she needs to step into her power as a leader (in her style).

>> If this is what you want to gift, email hello@catherinecassidy.co and we’ll arrange for the gift card + code so she can sign up when she’s ready to get started.


An Evolved Wardrobe

Maybe the woman in your life is a bit like me — she needs to update + evolve her wardrobe, but good luck trying to pick anything out for her. She’s just a bit particular.

Don’t try to! She probably likes finding pieces here and there that are perfect, so give her that! For someone like her (and me) a gift card to her favorite store is actually quite thoughtful.

My favorite department store to shop is Bloomingdale’s. It can be a bit overwhelming, but they do tend to have more of an interesting assortment. (Of course, the Wardrobe Action Plan program helps with that as well!)

You can’t be boring to stand out as a leader — Bloomingdale’s is definitely more bold in it’s Fashion.


An Experience

She probably doesn’t really need anything. She’s probably always on the go. Probably the only thing that would get her to ‘stop’ is to plan something that feels like she’s still going. Hence, an experience. Whether it’s a trip, an outing, or a hot air balloon ride, just make sure it’s not dinner and a movie. That’s lovely, but she deserves better.

Am I speaking for myself on this one? 😉 Feel free to chime in, ladies! What would be your ideal experience for someone to gift you?

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