The term ‘Dress for success’ isn’t new for most of us.

But it’s so esoteric. What does dressing for success even mean?

And, more importantly, why does it matter?

Let’s start with why it matters.

Whether you like it or not, you’re communicating with your presence and style before you even say a word.

It’s been established thanks to the work of Albert Mehrabian that communication is 55% physical – your energy, your facial expressions and your presence/image. You have a 38% chance of communicating effectively with your intonation and only 7% chance of getting your message across with your actual words.

So, if your physical presence is not in alignment with your words and verbal cues, your message isn’t going to be effectively received.

With this study, your physical communication pertains to how others perceive you.


But, the more important piece is how you perceive yourself.

In 2012, Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management professor Adam D. Galinsky introduced us to a new term called ‘enclothed cognition’ which is a riff off of ’embodied cognition.’ Embodied cognition is the study of how your body impacts your learning and so your body influences your mind.

Professor Galinsky found that the performance of participants in his study were impacted by what they were wearing.

He split them into three groups – two wearing white coats and one wearing their street clothes. For those wearing the coats, he told one group that it was a Dr.’s lab coat and the other that it was a painters smock. Then, he tested them to analyze their mental acuity and focus.

The group wearing the ‘lab coat’ outperformed both the street clothes and the painters smock.
Further testing reinforced this finding that the Dr’s coat improved the cognitive abilities of otherwise equal groups.


So, what you wear actually influences how you show up and how you perform.


Think about it for yourself.

How do you feel when you wear your favorite heels versus your best flats?

There is nothing wrong with flats, but most women walk and stand differently when we’re wearing heels.


How do you feel when you’re wearing your favorite dress that fits you just perfectly versus your standard tee-shirt and jeans?

I’m a tee+jeans gal myself, but there is nothing like knowing you look good in your best dress.


It comes down to feeling confident.


So, how can you add confidence to your style on a daily basis?

Because it’s not about the clothes you’re wearing, but how you wear the clothes. It’s having complete confidence in your wardrobe, style and presence.

And it’s in the details: the fit, the accessories, the colors.

That is how you access your Style Power.

Style Power is the confidence a powerful woman exudes with her presence and style.

A woman with Style Power is clearly aware of who she is, how she shows up and what she has to say. She’s not afraid of being seen.

And if you want to experience more career success, you have to get comfortable being seen.

It’s time for YOU to step into your Style Power.


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