What does your morning routine look like?

A frenzy of getting the kids ready for school and yourself ready for work?

What you throw on doesn’t matter. You just need to get out the door.


Or, maybe you work from home so you don’t even bother changing out of your PJ’s. Or you put on some sweats (possibly not even your most stylish sweats) because you’re not worried about yourself.

You’re worried about everything you have to get done today.

Fair enough.


But what if I told you that you could do all of that AND throw on something that makes you feel fabulous instead of frumpy?


When you have a wardrobe full of clothes that fit you well, support your personal + professional goals and that you LOVE because they’re stylish, feminine and YOU (or whatever adjectives would describe YOU), it’s entirely possibly to throw on a great outfit in less than 5 minutes.


Imagine that scene instead.

You open your closet. You know you’ll be running around outside so you pick a great pair of flats. You add you favorite blouse, the slacks that slim you and a couple of pieces of jewelry. DONE.

Yes, it can be that easy.

This is what I call streamlined style.

Knowing what you have, what you like and what you need.

A key benefit to a streamlined style? Saving time.


A streamlined style also means a streamlined wardrobe.

What would a streamlined wardrobe look like? A closet full of clothes that you love. So you wear.

Thus, each item has a high ROW (Return on Wear).

Not only have you saved time because you aren’t wasting it trying to find something to add to your already full closet that you think could be the answer to all your wardrobe frustrations, but you’re saving money because you’re only adding the pieces that go with what you have, that you love and that fit you well.

But what’s most important is how that style actually impacts your performance and ultimately your success.

What you wear directly impacts how you perform. It affects how you show up.

In 2012, Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management professor Adam D. Galinsky published a study where he shared the phenomenon of ‘enclothed cognition.’

Based on the premise of embodied cognition, the fact that you learn through your physical experience as much as your intellectual experience, Professor Galinsky wanted to test how what you wear actually impacts how you perform. (aka ‘Dress for Success’)

He had 3 groups wear a white jacket and were told it was something different – a white jacket, a painters smock and a doctor’s lab coat. Then, he had them take a memory test.

Those who thought they were wearing a lab coat outperformed the other two groups.

It’s not just that others perceive us differently when we ‘dress for success.’ It’s that WE perceive ourselves differently.

We speak up. We show up. We stand tall and proud. We take risks. We are more inclined to take on opportunities we might have passed on. We aren’t afraid to be seen.

Basically, we are prepared to take on the world when we dress up!

The caveat is that you have to dress as YOU. Finding your style can be easier said than done, but once you’ve found it, that’s when it all becomes easy, effortless and FUN!

Of course, U*styled can help!


Here are some easy ways to get started …

As a company, we are committed to YOU and your success.

First, make sure we’re connected on Instagram and Facebook so you can get your daily dose of style inspiration.

Then, reach out to set up a time to connect with Catherine. Between the Style Power Program, Boutique Box, and Corporate Trainings and Motivational Speaking, we have options that can help women (and men!) at all levels of their career move forward in Style Power.


Ustyled is committed to serving women leaders.

Our work is about empowering women to step into their power as a leader using their style as a catalyst. Our intention is to help each client define her style, integrate it into WHO she is and how she shows up and then help her build a success wardrobe that supports her personal + professional goals.







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