Having Beverly Hallberg of District Media Group join me for the inaugural episode of the Leadership Style Power podcast is especially fitting since such a big piece of the intention behind this podcast is to inspire and empower women of all ages, all backgrounds and all levels of leadership to step UP as leaders.

A KEY piece to this is visibility — the willingness to be seen so that your message is heard.

Which is exactly what Beverly does with her clients. She helps them craft their story and creates opportunities for them to share their message in much bigger ways via various media.

As a fellow entrepreneur and Californian, the conversation flowed from taking risks to learning from failure and how we can let go of the idea of being ‘perfect’ before we step into a bigger arena (as well as whether we should even be having the conversation of ‘work-life balance.’


Pop ahead to hear Beverly share:

1:38 – How her journey of doors opening up led to founding DMG in 2008
6:20 – How she has confidence in making some of her ‘risky’ moves
8:30 – How to know if you’re ready to start a business
11:30 – The Power of letting yourself FAIL
14:15 – How District Media Group helps clients move through the idea of being ‘perfect’ before going on TV
16:46 – Should we even talk about ‘Work-Life Balance’?


Watch the video above or have a listen below …



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