I am so honored to share with you Carrie VanWinkle’s Style Power Success story.

We’ve been working together for more than a year and a half and I am SO proud of how far she has come in owning her power and presence.

Carrie B. VanWinkle, CFP is a Fee-Only Financial Planner and Socially Responsive Investment Advisor.



This is a powerful interview that has the potential to shift your perspective not just on style, but on your money as well.

In fact we also discuss the correlation between style and money and what Women’s Equality has to do with your money & success.

Carrie also shares how she shifted from a reactive sense of style & self to a proactive and positive approach to style & shopping, which she didn’t expect to impact her energy of leadership.

Additionally, I asked Carrie to share how she made the decision to invest, since she is a financial planner. I just love her approach to ‘Mindful Money!


To learn more about Carrie and how you can work with her: http://www.carriebvanwinkle.com/

What I love about Carrie is how she helps women and couples thrive in their money life, create the life they envision, and align their values with their investments through her signature approaches to financial planning (Mindful Money) and Socially Responsive Investing (Inspired Investing).
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