Lately a lot of really good things have been happening in Ustyled-land, which is amazing.

But I fear that it’s so easy to lose sight of what it takes to get to this point of flow.

At least, what it’s taken ME to get to this point. Which is why I wanted to share my own Style Power Success story with you. (Yes, this does include how my STYLE has helped to create my success.)

Because, I guarantee you, I’ll have more moments that come up that DON’T feel like I’m in flow.

I also want to demystify what it takes to build a successful Style business. I know it’s easy to have comparisonitis and think that your business is supposed to look like mine. Or, that it’s been easy for me to get here. I mean, I used to get comparisonitis real bad. 

Below I share my story of creating Style Power for myself.



A few themes I’ve noticed:

You have to keep showing up. It’s a lot easier to show up (especially when you don’t want to) when you are wearing a fabulous outfit.

You are supported. Money is not the only resource that helps you move forward. There may be angels in your life you’re not even aware of – friends, family, coaches, clients, and even strangers. Pay attention!

Trust that everything happens for a reason. I didn’t get my dream job right out of college, so I took a job that would at least get me in the door. And it did.

Don’t be afraid to Pivot. My life is a series of pivots. Boutique Box came to be because I wasn’t having success selling the service of Personal Shopping and was passionate that women needed to outsource their shopping to make it all easier (and much more FUN!).

It’s an evolution. Every experience, challenge, success, opportunity, etc. It’s all moving you into MORE of who you are becoming. So, as you grow and evolve, so will how you show up. 


And just for fun … a bit of my own evolution of style. As you can see, it’s definitely evolved, even if there has always been a classic and preppy side to me.


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