It could be a bold statement to make, but the facts support it. Transform your style and transform your career.

>> 55% of our communication is physical.

This means your energy, your facial expressions and your presence/image.

You have a 38% chance of communicating effectively with your intonation and only 7% chance of getting your message across with your actual words. (Mehrabian, UCLA)

>> PLUS, there is this concept called Enclothed Cognition.

Because more important than how others perceive you when you’re communicating, is how you perceive yourself.


A 2012 study by Professor Adam Galinsky while at the Northwestern Kellogg School of Management found that not only does what you wear impact how others perceive you (the concept of ‘dress for success’, but it impacts how you perform because of how you perceive yourself. 

He took the concept of embodied cognition (learning through experience) and wanted to apply it to the concept of ‘Dress for Success.’ He took 3 groups and had them take tests wearing a white coat. One was a control group, one told they were wearing a painter’s smock and the final group told they were wearing a Dr’s lab coat.

Consistently those wearing the ‘lab coat’ outperformed the other two groups.

Why? They showed up for the test as they thought a Doctor would.

What they were wearing impacted their performance.

Both of these studies illustrate that how you show up MATTERS.

What you wear is a key component of your presence. In a perfect world,  it wouldn’t matter. We don’t live in that world yet. So, until then, what you wear matters.

But, if you can catch the point — what you wear matters to YOU.

I care that you feel totally confident, powerful and authentic in every area of your communication in how you show up as a leader. This is what Leadership Style Power is all about. 

This is why my clients have consistently grown their businesses (from 6 to 7 figures!), booked more speaking opportunities, been promoted and negotiated raises.

In fact, the results in their career is what excites me the most about our work!

They are stepping up and raising their hand. They are willing to be seen. They are confident in their skills and know that being visible and being recognized as the leader is key for creating that next level success.

If this is something that YOU want, then it’s time to do some internal digging in and looking at how you’re presenting that with how you show up.

In considering your external representation of your leadership style, start with some simple details of your internal leadership style:
  1. WHO are you talking to? What is important to them?
  2. WHAT do you have to say? WHY does it matter to them?
  3. Also, WHY does it matter to YOU?

Then, you take the answers to these questions to consider the colors you wear, the way your clothes fit, the finishing touches on your style – accessories, hair and makeup – all of that contributes to how you’re perceived by those you meet AND how you want to show up in your style, presence and power.

Again, it ultimately comes down to CONFIDENCE in your style, presence and thus POWER.

Most of my clients have come to me in a pretty good place with their style.

But, they’re feeling a bit stuck. They know they want and need to shift, their closet doesn’t feel quite right for who they are and where they’re going — both literally in terms of events and figuratively in terms of goals, yet they don’t know where to start.

In fact, the shifts they need to make are quite small.

My work was always just about helping them to access what they had inside. Giving them validation for their ideas of the HOW for their style. Giving them tools to make it easier every day. Giving them the resources to know what to look for and where to find it.

This is why I created the Leadership Style Power programming.

If 2018 is the year you create your Leadership Style Power, I invite you to take that first step in investing in how you show up.

Make it easy, effortless and FUN!

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(NOTE: This work is available for companies, organizations and your #PowerPosse — simply send me a note for more details!)




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