I had the honor to write a guest blog for one of my clients who I’ve been working with for over 5 years (and now my business coach as well).

From when I first met Christine, I knew she was special.

The way she approaches and has built her incredibly successful business (and before that, successful career in music) is with such integrity, creativity and mindfulness.

Of course, I’m pretty lucky with how amazing ALL of my clients are.

Anyway, it’s been amazing to watch her blossom in business and in style over these years. And it’s an honor to support her.

Which is why the post asks the question:
Is your wardrobe holding you back from business success?

Christine didn’t necessarily want to work with me when we first started working together. And it had nothing to do with me personally, it just wasn’t something she put much thought to.

But, her business was growing and she knew she needed to step it up in the wardrobe department. She also knew she had NO desire to shop for herself.

Whenever we would get Christine ready for an event, I showed her how she could incorporate these new pieces into her wardrobe in other ways. To really maximize the value of each investment piece.

I also showed her what worked best. I introduced her to new brands. I gave her feedback when she bought something on her own (whether it was a success or not, it was learning).

And now it’s a fun partnership in building her wardrobe as she continues to experience more and more success. And she does enjoy it more … because she knows more.

It’s not overwhelming. It’s not frustrating.

I would LOVE for you to check out the article (as well as Christine) and hear what you think: Click here!

It includes some interesting studies that link your wardrobe to your performance. It’s not just an idea!

PS. Don’t forget to CLICK HERE to learn how your wardrobe and style directly impact your success!

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One thought on “One Woman you Need to Know (and a Success Story)

  1. Oh gosh, I LOVE Oscar de la Renta…. not just because he is such a hasmnode and immaculate gentleman but because of those amazing gowns!!He and Elie Saab are my absolute dream designers, I always love each of their collections….always elegant, beautiful and so feminine.I cannot pick a favourite from the dresses you have featured, all stunning!Thanks so much for your comment today Catherine…thinking of you too, have a lovely week-end X

    Posted on December 2, 2015 at 5:57 pm