I met Ungenita Prevost at the beginning of my journey as an entrepreneur. We actually were both just striking out on our own.

We’ve come a long way!

In fact we talk about a few things:

  1. How we’ve both evolved so much since that beginning
  2. The importance of AUTHENTIC presence and how Ungenita helped me own my own Power
  3. Who you should take on the journey with you (whether as an entrepreneur or working in corporate, non-profit, etc.)
Watch (or listen) and we’d love to know what insights you take away from what we’ve learned about stepping into our Style Power:



As you’ll see, we have a bit of fun and I don’t always censor my language, but you get the REAL Ungenita and Catherine. 😉


PS. Ungenita and I will be on Twitter tomorrow night (12/21) for #HappyHourMakeover to answer all your branding, style and success Q’s. We want to see you OWN your presence and power in 2016. We’ll also have a few Q’s for you to start thinking differently about your brand & style NOW.


PPS. Share this with your #powerposse as well … y’all should join us on twitter for the party!


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