I wasn’t in a great place at the beginning of this year. I was feeling wonky with everything going on here in D.C. and questioning the work I’d been doing for over 8 years. I also saw this feeling of wonkiness realized physically in a bit of weight gain.

Now, I don’t weigh myself too often. For me, it’s about feeling good and strong in my body. And noticing how my clothes fit.

So, I recommitted to myself at the beginning of the year and decided that I wanted to share with you how I moved through the wonkiness to the weight loss.

This morning routine and making sure that I’m taking care of myself is why I’m not back at my original weight (without crazy effort, just mindfulness) and why we’re starting to see some real progress towards my goals with Ustyled.


1) Start with Self

I hold my morning routine fairly sacrosanct, but I am also flexible with it. I’ve learned that being too strict and structured actually isn’t helpful for me. It adds stress and kills my creativity. My morning routine is what allows me to move through challenges and find the silver lining and solutions … in life, business, love, etc.

It will include some variation of:
  • Meditation
  • Reflection
  • Journaling
  • Reading
  • Exercise//Movement


2) Fill myself Up

Managing my energy is one of the most important keys to my success. I make sure I get enough sleep, spend my time with friends/family/colleagues who are supportive and helpful, and get the exercise or quiet time I need.

I also use reading to give my energy and my mind a boost when I need it. I don’t necessarily read linearly (meaning one book or magazine at a time), but will go to what I feel I need in the moment.

My go-to book for moving through a challenge is Return to Love by Marianne Williamson. It was a game-changer for me when I was really struggling in my business and I continue to use to it to help me to make sure I’m coming from a place of love (not ego or fear) in my work and life.

Fear doesn’t serve anyone. I spent enough years in business worried … and that just creates the results that you worry about. Having faith to Let Go has been my lesson for the last year or so and it’s created amazing results. But, I’m still human and it’s easy to attach to expectations vs. let go. This is a process that never ends … but it does get easier!


3) Exercise!

As I mentioned in the video, I’m not as hard on myself about exercise and I’ve gotten much better results and feel much better as a result. I focus on wanting to feel good, building strength and using it as a moving meditation.

Some of my resources:
  • Class Pass (I do the 5-class pack so I can be flexible as my schedule can suddenly get a bit crazy!)
  • Also, the Class Pass app for on-demand workouts of varying lengths
  • Kayla Itsines bikini body for 28+ minute HIIT strength workouts you can do at home (aka no travel time to-from the gym!)
  • Yoga with Adriene (Thank you Jaclyn Mullen for the suggestion!)
  • Just doing a number of sun salutations on my own, feeling what my body is asking for


What does this all come down to? Feeling good.

So I can go into each day confident, centered and ready to create change (for myself and the world).

I do believe that Style is an outward reflection of your inner self.

How you wear your clothes is what matters, not what you’re wearing. How you take care of yourself is what matters, not what size you’re wearing. And how you feel is what matters, because that’s what other will feel about you, too.

That’s why we created a FREE training for you on Leadership Style Power. We’ll move you through Why to What to finally HOW to have complete confidence and clarity in your style, power and presence.


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