“I feel more authentic than ever before.” ~ Cindy Harris

The work that we do with our clients is not about changing them or styling them so they ‘fit in’ to expectations of what they should look like. That’s why I kind of love the juxtaposition of Cindy’s ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo’s. There is a lot that carries through with the scarf and color.

But, the ‘after’ is much lighter, easier and FUN.
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A recent conversation with a client highlighted a key to her success and WHY we’ve created such amazing results evolving her style as she’s moving into her next level in her career.
Why did she invest in Ustyled?
Because she had been trying to figure out her ‘professional style’ on her own and not having much success or fun with it.

Sure, she could get out the door fairly easily, but she was just ‘appropriate.’

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You know how you’re supposed to let go of something, but perhaps it can take weeks, months or even years to actually let go of it?

It’s scary!

Not just because you may still be doing something because it’s your bread and butter but also because it’s what you KNOW. Moving forward into something unfamiliar is always a risk and a challenge.

But, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.
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Have you ever worn something because a salesperson at the store picked it out for you but you just didn’t quite feel “right” in it?

Have you ever LOVED a style in a magazine only to try and rock it yourself and in the end, feel UNCOMFORTABLE because it might be too bright, bold or revealing?

The cycle that usually perpetuates thereafter is either one of two things (1) we find the “go-to” clothes: the all black outfit,

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I wasn’t in a great place at the beginning of this year. I was feeling wonky with everything going on here in D.C. and questioning the work I’d been doing for over 8 years. I also saw this feeling of wonkiness realized physically in a bit of weight gain.

Now, I don’t weigh myself too often. For me, it’s about feeling good and strong in my body. And noticing how my clothes fit.

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I loved having Rachna Choudhry of Popvox join me for the second episode of the Leadership Style Power podcast to talk about her journey in building out the Popvox platform, how she knew she could do this, and the power of telling YOUR story.

We’re big on being TRUE to you here at Ustyled, so naturally Rachna’s message around finding and sharing YOUR unique story especially resonated.

Popvox gives you a platform to easily share your story with your congressperson so they can be sure they’re truly representing their constituents.

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Having Beverly Hallberg of District Media Group join me for the inaugural episode of the Leadership Style Power podcast is especially fitting since such a big piece of the intention behind this podcast is to inspire and empower women of all ages, all backgrounds and all levels of leadership to step UP as leaders.

A KEY piece to this is visibility — the willingness to be seen so that your message is heard.
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